Compare Technology

Mechanical Filters Electrostatic oil cleaner EOC
Cannot effectively remove contaminants below 10 microns Removal efficiency exceeds 0.1 microns
Low collection efficiency:
A filter holds 1/10th its weight in contaminants
A collector holds twice its weight in contaminants
High replacement cost Low replacement cost
High energy consumption to pump oil through filters Low energy consumption as this is a kidney-loop system
Cannot retard oxidation / sludge formation Retards oxidation / sludge formation
Cannot prevent wear of pumps Prevents wear of all moving parts
Hydraulic parts like pumps, valves, oil seals require replacement inspite of using filters If ELC is dedicated, & oil temperature is controlled, life of components is indefinite
Machine efficiency reduces & cycle time increases as filters get choked Ensures stable cycle time
Cannot remove sludge Only system which efficiently removes sludge
Fine mesh, synthetic filters cause high volt electrostatic spark discharge cracking oil molecules. This also depletes oil additives Totally safe for oil. No harm to additives