Free Cleaning Survey

  • Are your customer’s now asking you to deliver cleaner parts?
  • What is a clean part?  How do I test for this?
  • Is your process costing you money?
  • Is cleaning at your facility just overhead or value added?
  • Do you need new cleaning equipment or can you just re-work your existing process?
  • Are you using the right chemistry?
  •  How can you get rid of solvents in your facility?
  • Can you clean and de-bur a part all in one process?
  • How can you reduce your waste stream from cleaning?

These and many other questions can be answered in our free on-site application survey.  Put our years of cleaning experience to use to improve your operation and take the guess work out of part cleaning.

Call 513-319-4042 or e-mail us to schedule a free survey.