Electrostatic oil cleaner Tune-up Service

This is a free service offered by HB Equipment LLC, an authorized sales agent for electrostatic oil filters.  The service is offered as a means of determing if your units are operating correctly and giving you the best performance for your oil maintenance application.  This also gives you an opportunity to meet your local represenative for any future needs.

15 point check

  1. We will check each electrostatic oil cleaner unit and report current conditions including high voltage, flow, collector condition, loose or worn parts etc.
  2. We will check the high voltage at the center electrode (note: this requires partial unit drain and a special high voltage probe that we will bring)
  3. We will check pump operation and system flow
  4. We will check the condition of the collector and current capacity
  5. We will check analog and/or digital displays to confirm accuracy
  6. We will check the operation of the power supply
  7. We will check for worn seals, hoses and fittings and wiring
  8. We will replace the collector if required (collector cost not included in the free service and only done with authorization of customer)
  9. We will collect an oil sample from the machine if requested. We can take care of sending the sample to a fee based outside lab.
  10. We will provide a full service report for all items above including corrective action if needed.

    Additional “Tune-up” Services
  11. We will review your current oil specifications and application parameters to ensure you have the correct equipment for your application needs.
  12. We will review the recent oil analysis and make recommendations if needed
  13. We will provide update service manuals if needed
  14. We will provide the latest maintenance tips and references
  15. We will provide a free application plaque for each electrostatic oil cleaner unit that provides key information about the EOC for your operators.

The 15 point inspection can result in:

Extended lubricant life
Minimized “stick-and-slip” of bearings and gears
Less wear on servos and O-rings
Reduced machine downtime
Less equipment maintenance
Significantly reduced overall costs

Please note:  becuase this is a free service we do not warrant any work that takes place.  If mechanical problems are found, we will work with you or your operators in an attempt to correct the issue and/or suggest an action plan to correct the issue if the work can not be performed at the time of inspection.

Other Services Available:

  • Yearly inspection and report
  • Oil analysis -sample collection, testing by Analysts Inc
  • Replacement sevice manuals?
  • Replacement part quotes
  • New N-series product information
  • Case Study results
  • Customers using Kleentek in your industry