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Industrial and Precision Parts Cleaning


Ransohoff Leanveyor in-line belt washer

Cleaning requirements are loosely divided into two categories which we call “Industrial Cleaning” and “Precision Cleaning.” “Industrial Parts Cleaning” is typified by the part washer’s need to clean or degrease relatively large volumes of relatively large parts to a cleanliness level based on residue levels or particle counts and or sizes.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment incorporates lower frequency ultrasonic energy and conventional welded stainless steel equipment design. “Precision Cleaning,” on the other hand, often involves the cleaning of critical surfaces using high or multi-frequency ultrasonic energy in exotic equipment. Precision Cleaning is commonly carried out in a “clean room” with sophisticated part washer equipment often required to establish part cleanliness.




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Ransohoff Custom 4 stage spray washer and R/O system

  • Standard Parts Washers
  • Custom Parts Washers
  • Oil Removal Systems
  • Custom Designs
  • Ultrasonic bench tops units
  • Custom Ultrasonic Consoles
  •  Automated Systems
  • Belt and In-line Conveyors
  • Overhead Conveyors
  • Front Load Turntables
  • Rotary Drums
  • Agitation Tanks and Tubs
  • Indexing Type Washer
  •  Dunnage Washer
  • Phosphating Systems
  • Dryer and Blow-off Units

Ransohoff Imerso-Jet HC-6 rotary basket washer

CTG Water treatment and Chemistry

  • Services Cleaning chemistries
  •  Membrane filtration
  • Lab testing
  • Contract Cleaning Services

Other Systems

  • Oil Removal Systems
  • Drying systems
  • Dunnage Washers
  • Dryer and Blow-off Units
  • Central Washing Systems
  • Cellular Wash Systems

Other Services

Ransohoff Cell-Jet

  • Cleaning System Consulting
  • Laboratory Sample Testing
  • Field Services Maintenance
  • Spare Parts and Accessories

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