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How long will it take to clean my oil?
This depends on contaminant levels, specific applications, operating conditions and type of oil. The best way to answer this is to have an oil analysis performed by us.

Do KLEENTEK ELCs remove additives from  oil?
NO! Oil additives are oil soluble, ELCs only remove insoluble contaminants.

What pressure drop do you get across the KLEENTEK Collector Element?
There is no noticeable pressure drop because the Collector Element has 6X the surface area than a conventional filter, so oil can flow freely.

When do I know the collector needs changing?
The unit has a trip timer pre-set to your requirements, normally 2000 hours.

What level of support do I get?
Full regional service support from commissioning through to supply of spares and repairs is provided by HB Equipment.

What about guarantees?
Full 12 months labor and parts warranty.

How do I know which unit is suitable?
Contact HB Equipment for help.